All Hands

Hoi Polloi, 2012

Directed by Alec Duffy
Written by Robert Quillen Camp
Music by Dave Malloy
Choreography by Dan Safer
Set by Mimi Lien
Lights by James Clotfelter
Costumes by Jessica Pabst
Sound by Charles Shell
The ensemble included Arthur Aulisi*, B. Brian Argotsinger*, Duane Boutte*, Marty Brown*, David Frank, Amber Gray*, Evan Greene, Matthew Lewis*, Matt Moulder Prentice Onayemi*, Jason Quarles, Nikaury Rodriguez, Joe Rosta, Stephanie Shipp, Saori Tsukada, Janice Tuchman, Ike Ufomadu, Amy Laird Webb*, Stephanie Weeks*. Stage Manager: Sean McCain.  Production Manager: Peter Mills Weiss.  Technical Director: Jason Craig. Graphic Design: Steven Leffue. Presented in association with Incubator Arts Project.



“Room / Transnational Global Capitalism” - Music by Dave Malloy, Lyrics by Robert Quillen Camp, Choreography by Dan Safer, Directed by Alec Duffy


“The other half of the show's appeal comes in the way playwright Robert Quillen Camp and director Alec Duffy tease their audience. Again and again, they find new ways to promise an explanation of their "society," only to defer clarity with a fresh mystification or joke. Learning to enjoy a puzzle with no solution means taking pleasure in the doing rather than in the thing done. Hoi Polloi has made that journey into theatrical magic.” - Backstage Full Review

“A creative mongrel of a show.” - The New York Times Full Review 

“Dank warmth and deep weirdness” - Vulture Full Review 

“Chunk of fun” - The New Yorker