Chekhov Lizardbrain

Pig Iron, 2007-2010

text by Robert Quillen Camp
directed by Dan Rothenberg
lighting by James Clotfelter
sets by Anna Kiraly
sound by Nick Kourtides
costumes by Olivera Gajic;

OBIE Award, 2009
New York Times 10 Best of 2008


“Peculiar, hypnotic, and unexpectedly moving... [a] wonderful production... [that] glimmers with a quirky fascination.” - The New York Times Full Review 

“As with Chekhov, the things we understand from it hang in the atmosphere, articulated but unspoken, engulfing the characters. The result is a kind of exhilarating despair: Everything in life is hopelessly weird, including the act of building a theater piece; we build on our awareness of that.” - Village Voice Full Review

“ Successfully experimenting with style and substance while retaining heart, Lizardbrain leaves one wandering out of the theater feeling transformed.” - ZYZZYVA Full Review

 “Dressed in white long undergarments, top hats, and strap on moustaches (wonderfully assembled by costumer Olivera Gajic), [the performers] ping-pong Robert Quillen Camp's text off each other with a sharpness and grace akin to the Marx Brothers.” - NY Full Review

“Hilarious and brilliant...  Chekhov Lizardbrain is an astounding piece of theatre.”  - Broadway World Full Review

“One of my all-time greatest viewing experiences. I don’t say this often, but you really must see it right away” - Curtain Up Full Review