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Chekhov Lizardbrain
“Peculiar, hypnotic, and unexpectedly moving... [a] wonderful production... [that] glimmers with a quirky fascination.” - The New York Times Full Review

“As with Chekhov, the things we understand from it hang in the atmosphere, articulated but unspoken, engulfing the characters. The result is a kind of exhilarating despair: Everything in life is hopelessly weird, including the act of building a theater piece; we build on our awareness of that.” - Village Voice Full Review

“ Successfully experimenting with style and substance while retaining heart, Lizardbrain leaves one wandering out of the theater feeling transformed.” - ZYZZYVA Full Review

“Dressed in white long undergarments, top hats, and strap on moustaches (wonderfully assembled by costumer Olivera Gajic), [the performers] ping-pong Robert Quillen Camp's text off each other with a sharpness and grace akin to the Marx Brothers.” - NY Full Review

“Hilarious and brilliant...  Chekhov Lizardbrain is an astounding piece of theatre.”  - Broadway World Full Review

“One of my all-time greatest viewing experiences. I don’t say this often, but you really must see it right away” - Curtain Up Full Review

Pay Up
“Pig Iron has done it again. [Pay Up] entertains with high theatricality while provoking with serious ideas.” - Variety Full Review

“[Pay Up] is highly theatrical and this production puts you in the middle of the action -- or more precisely, the interaction.... a triumph of detail, everything from multi-track recordings... to the many different elements of the script (Robert Quillen Camp's original text).” - WHYY/Newsworks Full Review  

“The execution and performances are in every respect top-notch.... As soon as I hit the sidewalk I was eagerly expressing my desire to see Pay Up again.” - Philadelphia City Paper Full Review

“[A] smart and entertaining immersive show.”  - Philadelphia Inquirer Full Review

“A razor-sharp, insightful investigation of how we interact as human beings...” - Broad Street Review Full Review

All Hands “The other half of the show's appeal comes in the way playwright Robert Quillen Camp and director Alec Duffy tease their audience. Again and again, they find new ways to promise an explanation of their "society," only to defer clarity with a fresh mystification or joke. Learning to enjoy a puzzle with no solution means taking pleasure in the doing rather than in the thing done. Hoi Polloi has made that journey into theatrical magic.” - Backstage Full Review

“A creative mongrel of a show.” - The New York Times Full Review

“Dank warmth and deep weirdness” - Vulture Full Review

Our Ruined House “Our Ruined House” puts a big idea in a small space, making it easier for us to consider. It asks us to consider what we want our national dialogue to be, how we should relate to each other, and it does it with a thoughtful curiosity and generous humor.” - The Oregonian Full Review

“A glorious colossus of the bizarre.” - Willamette Week Full Review

How to Learn “As slippery as it is engaging, How to Learn is by turns a jeremiad, a self-justification, an explication, an evasion…In one section, the lecturer questions the institution’s ideals and methods, in the next he regales us with tales of his own misadventures as a student, and soon these streams begin to merge in surprising ways. The talk is sprinkled with off-hand references to Dewey and Foucault and the like, but the overall effect keeps drifting from the intellectual and toward the comic and phantasmagoric.”
-OR Arts Watch. Full Review

Procedures for Saying No
Procedures for Saying No is an absurdist salve for the hamster-wheel-cubicle-lives we live. It's like the cast of "The Office" did LSD.”
- OPB State of Wonder

“One of the key questions Procedures for Saying No asks is, are our protocols and procedures sufficient for the abyss yawning down the aisle of our cubicles? Or, how quickly are we reduced to playing the cockroaches left after the annihilation? Short answers: no and pretty fast.... there’s no substitute for seeing it.... perfect.”
-OR Arts Watch. Full Review

“It’s unlikely you will mistake it for any other play in your memory.” - THRU Magazine. Full Review

“A unique experience... I recommend you see this one -- it will give you a lot to think about.” - Broadway World Full Review


All Hands
“Room / Transnational Global Capitalism” - Music by Dave Malloy, Lyrics by Robert Quillen Camp, Choreography by Dan Safer, Directed by Alec Duffy

Procedures for Saying No Written by Robert Quillen Camp, Directed by Rebecca Lingafelter

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